Friday, February 24, 2012

It seems like it wouldn't be difficult to begin a page about Parisian fashion - after all, looking good seems to be one thing that pretty much all Parisians can agree on - but it has ended up being tricky to find a place to start. We wanted to show everyone looking at the blog real pictures of Parisians looking fabulous as always, but it turns out that covertly snapping pictures of people on the street is more difficult than one might think. However, I figured that I would give a brief introduction to what I have seen so far of the world of Parisian fashion.

1. Scarves - Everyone has scarves! There are tons of them on sale at the Monoprix (something like our Wal-Mart or Target) for about fifteen euros. There are also stores all up and down the Boulevard St. Michel with affordable scarves. Literally everyone has one on, or at least that's what it seems like to me. Men, women, children, I've even seen some dogs, all looking stylish and sleek with their colorful accessories.
2. Constant class - For the large majority of Parisians, tennis shoes and/or sweatpants are not an option. I saw my first pair of sweatpants today in the metro on a man who looked like he was trying for a sporty outfit. Other than that, women seem to wear lots of boots and high heels, and I have seen tons of women in tiny skirts or shorts and tights, all finished with a well-fitted coat. Which brings me to my next point...
3. Coats - Of course, this is because it's winter, but there are no hoodies to be found. I have seen peacoats, trenchcoats, and the rare ski jacket, but everyone is looking their best. The Parisians don't sacrifice looks for comfort or heat.

This is a pretty slim list, but it will be added to as we continue our Parisian adventure!